Subscribing to bloggers tutorial

I'm sure you've come across amazing bloggers who, annoyingly, don't have one of those GFC 'Join this site' button. How do you follow them with GFC? I mean you can follow with other accounts, only it's slightly annoying to go back and forth on different accounts.

So I put together a tutorial when I accidentally found out how to - and it's actually super easy!

  1. Go to your blog page. This page is where you can click on links to go to your blog, view statistics, write a new post, etc. Scoll down to reading list and press the button.

  1. Click it and a window will pop up. Now find the blog you want to subscribe to. Go to their HOME PAGE. Copy and paste their URL (it should be clean of excessive numbers) and paste into the box next to "Add from URL"
  1. Click 'Follow' and you are done! :)

Hope that was helpful. <3

Till next time.