What have I been reading/watching lately?

I've been busy preparing for SMASH! and also uni ;w; so recently I haven't watched much but I DID read up to date on Prison School and marathoned Death Parade + the pilot movie, Death Billiards. Here are my thoughts. (Note - quick synopsis is spoiler free, thoughts may contain spoilers.)

Prison School

Quick synopsis: All-girls boarding school Hachimitsu Academy has opened up its enrolment to boys - and the five who enrol are certain they'll be getting some serious attention. However there are people within the Academy against this...

Thoughts: An absolutely hilarious manga that takes its ecchi to the extreme in a comical fashion. The story is interesting and the misunderstandings are seriously ridiculous (if you're a fan of School Rumble you will be impressed). Despite this, the characters are quite well-rounded. Only issue is that the recent arc is (so far, at least) rather predictable. Still, definitely worth a read. But please, don't read it on public transport... 9/10

Death Parade/Death Billiards

Quick synopsis: Decim peers into the darkness of humans' souls, then in doing so, judges whether they are to be sent into heaven or hell.

Thoughts: A must see. I went in thinking it would be all happy but prepare your tissues, goddamn. Despite reminding me of Jigoku Shoujo, the anime always exceeds expectations and punches you right in the feels, trust me. Bittersweet with very well-developed and interesting characters and also raises some interesting moral questions. This anime is a must-watch. I recommend watching the anime first, then the movie. 10/10

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