Film review - Life of Pi

Hello everyone! I'm back again, with a film review for "Life of Pi"! 

Synopsis: Based on the novel, this movie is about a boy named "Pi" who is migrating to Canada when the boat sinks, carrying all of his family with him. On the lifeboat, several animals travel with him before in the end, only the man eating tiger Richard Parker is left. Pi must learn to work with the tiger before the reach their destination - home.

Opinion: I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Though it is not a favourite, the complex and intriguing story had me hooked as I wondered how they were going to get back. The animation was quite beautiful (though is some parts, faintly unrealistic) and the characters well rounded. The ending also left me quite interested and may leave a lot of viewers unsatisfied, however it allows for discussion. The movie also raises some interesting questions about religion and morality without being overbearing and at times, quite humorous.  

Rating: 8/10


From my understanding, the movie and the book have two slightly different readings. (Note I haven't read it, merely researched it.) The book suggests that the animals truly existed, with Pi's story to the men being one of monotone recitation. On the other hand, the movie suggests that the animals did not exist, and that in Pi's dehydrated, starved and isolated state, his own imagination conjured up animals as ways to cope, with the writer rather explicitly saying which each animal represented, and that the tiger was probably a manifestation of Pi's irrational (see what I did there?) side. 

So your question probably is "Which was the real story?" Like Pi says, "Which story do you prefer?" I've decided that the reading that each text gives reflects which one was the 'real story'. In the end though, that is for you to choose. And neither is 'wrong'.

So what were your thoughts on the ending? Let me know in a comment below. 

PS: I've also been planning to upload stories onto this blog. Most will be original fiction, with just one fanfiction being planned (I promise to make it good haha). What do you guys think? The fanfiction's going to be about Doctor Who. 

Till next time!


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