Poem - Diary

 Poetry after the break! ^_^ And notes at the end.

These happy days can't last forever
And sad times threaten to swallow my joy
So I try to record the positive events in life
To the eternity of paper.
But even then
I can't write down the warm fuzzy feelings
Of a fleeting praise
Or the convulsing laughter
Of a silly antic
I can't jot down
The bittersweet moments
Of a painful goodbye
Or the salty tears
Of a lonely rejection.
And even then
Some memories are lost forever
In the cool blank of yesterday
And the promises we made
The stories we wrote
The imaginings we conjured
The dreams we hoped
They have become the faint wisps of the naive and past.
And the present is full of "what if's" and "buts"
That blur into tomorrow
Where even then papers written of memories made
Have become yellowed, distant tales of

A/N: Not entirely happy with the first three lines >A< Anyhow, I wrote this poem because one day I realised that there are some feelings that you can't write to a diary, and sometimes you forget them ever happening. This was a portrayal of my feelings of such.I guess the real moral of this poem is to not regret things and live your life to the full.

Till next time!