Story - in the early hours

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Synopsis: Between night and early morning in a small city, the world seems to pause a while.

A/n: Hi everyone! If you prefer Tumblr here's the link. [x] Let me know what you think~ I've been attempting "surreal writing" where I focus on the emotions, so I'll upload another story in a week or so~

Song to listen to while reading: Memories of Sunset by Ling Tosite Sigure [x]
I wander alone in the early hours of the morning, with only the lamp lights as my company in the thickness of the pseudo-night. The small city I walk in is asleep, the silence resting upon the lightheaded feeling in my temples. 

The jet velvet coat is heavy on my frame and provides ample warmth, along with the vermillion scarf swathed around my neck, scratchy material brushing against my skin. Yet the cold bites at my nose and cheeks and ears and hands - numbing them to the point of pinpricks beneath my skin. 

Breathing in the cool air invigorates me a little, and as I exhale, smoky little wisps of disappearing moments condense and evaporate in the lonely night. My heart beats against my rib cage to the alternate tempo of my steps - pumping particles and fueling electric sparks to keep me alive.

The sudden brightness of passing under a street light disorientates me. The darkness is alive, seething and teeming with the neon tubing of cities in distant futures, of birthing and dying stars, of forgotten memories and unfulfilled dreams. For a brief second, I imagine I can see the passing of countless lives, feel the pain and misery of people and beings who have and are and will suffer - yet I am also warmed by the hopeful lights of infinite hearts. 

But like all strange feelings, it passes, and I am left alone none the wiser, under the tall street light in the small empty city.


  1. Love this piece, it's really well written! I like the last sentence the best. c:

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