Film reviews 3 - Frozen

Hello everyone! Here are some quick thoughts on the movie. 

Overall, an enjoyable film with exceptional animation and musical scores (especially "Let it Go"). I loved that the film explored a relationship between two sisters (and that in the end, it was a sister's love that saved Anna) and the characters were mostly likable. Elsa and Anna's characters were in particular quite nicely developed, however the start of the film could have delved into Elsa's powers a little more. The dynamic between Kristoff and Anna was also entertaining and well executed. 

However, the plot meandered, especially in accordance with Hans, whose betrayal was completely unpredictable and unjustifiable. Truly, it didn't seem very probable and was really very rushed. For one part, the way he looked at Anna while no-one else was looking made him seem like he was truly in love with her, rather than just using her. I know that people could justify that differently, but in the short span of the film it just seemed really thinly applied. The ending was a bit deus ex machina but I suppose that's kinda what Disney does a lot of the time, really, it just felt even worse considering Hans' random betrayal. 

Disney also missed out on a really good chance to have a MOC character in Kristoff (see this post [x] for why). Another issue is that honestly, Anna and Elsa look very similar to Rapunzel but with different hair styles and eye colour, which was really a bit lame. These last two points don't affect my final rating of the movie but I thought I'd like to reaffirm them.

Still, a rather enjoyable film to watch! I still can't get the "Let it Go" musical score and scene out of my head, it was just so good ; u ; 

Rating: 7/10

My next post is going to be about the Doctor Who Christmas special ^0^ 

Till next time!

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