Gakuen Alice ending thoughts~

Hi all! Warning for spoilers~

Today I'll be talking about a manga I recently finished reading. 

That's right! 

So I first started reading this manga in 2008, and I remember that it was a super fun and humorous manga to read at the start - which was what immediately drew me in! In fact, a lot of the manga I first drew was inspired by the art in Gakuen Alice - and the first 'manga' I drew was called "Tachibana's Crystal Ball" - based upon the mangaka's name of course! *u* (Perhaps I might type up a transcript of what I drew haha.)

Anyways, I really enjoyed it and would continuously read the updates each month until about 2011, in which I felt the story became boring/too serious and so I stopped. 

Well recently I decided to pick things up again because i was checking MyMangaList and noticed that Gakuen Alice had been marked as 'completed' - and was interested in seeing the ending!

Boy, my heart was not prepared. But I think it was a more than fitting ending to the series.

I was super stoked to see Mikan 6 years later, and super cute! What's more, Narumi got hotter and Luca and Natsume sure proved that puberty was kind to them, haha! (And omg I shipped Persona x Nobara like nothing else so I was nearly yelling happily ahaha.)

But on a serious side, I was shocked that they made her forget everything, and also the Imai siblings' sacrifice. The ending with the gang seeking Hotaru and her brother so that they could all hang out together once more really got to me - and at first I was annoyed with such an open ending but now I realise that it was a good one.

After all - what started this manga? Mikan running after Hotaru to be with her at the Academy. And what do we end with? Mikan running after Hotaru, but this time, with added support. We've come full circle, folks. Despite parts of the manga which annoyed me due to its melodrama, others due to its ridiculous positivity (have I become jaded...?) and the strange proportions, the manga left me with contentment. I honestly don't think we need a sequel (not that we will get one anyway) because Mikan has proved time and time again that she and her friends will always stick up for each other and finish what they set out. I have full faith that they found Hotaru and Subaru, no matter how much they had to go through. I think it could hardly be worse than what they went through due to the Elementary Principal's deeds, right? 

I'm glad the story ended on the same comedic and hopeful tone it started with. It's what drew me in, after all. 

What did you guys think? 

Till next time!

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