Poem - the Oceanic Connection

Cold, cold
the salty sweet air 
it beckons me.

Hovering above the cool waves
are the peaks of foam 
kissed by dapples of golden light
illuminating the dimples of the deep sea-green
as it fades into bright blue sky

can you hear it calling?
can you hear it tugging at your bones
asking you to sink
sink into the water
let it hold you under
as you sink to the ocean floor

i can feel it
i can hear it
chilling my flesh; its wet cool fingers tugging me down
be with me
stay with me
tempting me with echoes of the waves 
crashing against the shore
swallowing the beige sand 
and sweeping away

come with me
it tells me, tells me to join
to leave my life behind 
and melt into foam in the deep blue sea


poem by amy y l.

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