empty corner

I haven't written poetry for a long time and to be honest I was never really good at it in the first place. But I wanted to put my feelings somewhere properly beyond the previous post. Because it still really hurts. It really, really does. Sorry for the 3edgy5me shit but that's what the blog is here for anyways. I'll be back to writing other stuff after this.

Flimsy wire sheeting fences vacant coop
Where silence bestows heavy ambience
Veiling echoes of an affectionate hen's calls
And curious scuffling at the airy dirt.
Scattered pellets lay upon overturned soil
Intermingled with remnants of favourite treats
Now hesitantly pecked at by wandering birds.

No longer am I jubilantly greeted by
A flurry of sienna that
Cranes her long neck
To reach for my outstretched hand
Nor is there opportunity
To stroke sleek feathers
And be scolded reprovingly.
Never again will she inquisitively trail me as I clean
Her abode.

Instead I hover over her grave -
A mound of dirt marked with three cyan chrysanthemums,
Their scattered fading petals marking the passage of time -
Whispering furtive apologies for broken promises,
The ghosts of my lingering regrets
Of what ifs,
What could-haves,
What should-have-beens.

Recollection embitters, afflicts, soothes
For memories of her, my Sunshine, are all I have,
Along with the empty coop and some scarce photos.
Memos of a compassionate friend who one
Resided in solitude in the corner of my garden.

This is the site where I raised her to grow
Unwillingly transformed into a memorial
When gentle bird by mongrel was torn apart.

I know Mother Nature dictates such brutal disposition
Yet cold conscience cannot quell querulous heart.

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