What have I been reading lately?

It's been ages huh lol. Warnings for spoilers. These are really brief thoughts mostly.


K Missing Kings: First of all, I was really surprised. The movie was really coherent compared to the anime season 1 which was kinda confusing towards the end and I had to read the manga to understand. But in any case... Anna!!!! So cool!! Also I just love Kuroh, best boy, so much of him, so good. Also Yukari is kinda invading my heart ahaha what the hell. Anyway, I do get annoyed at some of the fan service because it's SO OBVIOUS. I've heard the Monogatari series is really good with not giving you OTT fan service so I need to check that out lol. I do like fan service when it's good but when it's bad it's SO GODDAMN OBVIOUS. And it really detracts from the experience of the story. In any case I still enjoyed the movie, especially Anna's development. I can't wait for Season 2. 9/10

Love Live School Idol Festival seasons 1 & 2: I watched this after playing the game (which I still play now on EN) and boy. This anime exceeded ALL my expectations. I get goosebumps. It's pretty realistic and I feel really sad thaμ's won't get back together, but it does seem quite realistic and bittersweet and sorry for spoiling it but I feel like I must watch more idol anime now. :') 10/10 for season one, 9/10 for season 2. Also need to watch movie.

Psycho-Pass S2:  So goddamn disappointing. Plenty of interesting characters and a lot of potential in the storyline that wasn't implemented to full potential due to only 13 episodes. Kamui had a LOT more reason to hate Sibyl compared to Makishima (and remember I love Makishima, this murderous bastard's my son no joke) but Makishima's reason really did seem a lot more edge lord to me hahahah. Unfortunately, I liked Kamui too little too late :/ Additionally, Tougane's story was reduced to Oedipal complex towards the end. Surprisingly though, I liked Mika's story. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind yelling something rude at her but she provided a stark contrast to Akane. Oh yeah speaking of which THEM CONTINUITY FAILS you know at the start where Mika acts like she's just seen Akane work for the first time when she shouldn't have been? Yeah. That. Also I'll be watching the movie~ :3

Chronicles of the Grim Peddler: Interesting take on traditional story tales with a format similar to "Hell Girl" and "xxxHOLIC". Translations haven't all been uploaded so I haven't read them all yet, so far I'd give it a 7/10

Dawn Tsumetai Te: I like to joke that this is the poor man's version of Tokyo Ghoul and honestly in some ways it is. A little dark but quite interesting. If you haven't read Tokyo Ghoul, read Dawn first, as Dawn isn't as good lol. 6/10

Akumu no Sumu Ie: Ghost Hunt: Ahhh my childhood (more like teen years lol) was the Ghost Hunt manga. Scared me shitless but loved it! So was amazed to see a sequel... too bad it updates once every TWO MONTHS WHAT THE FCK...!?! 7/10

Tokyo Ghoul: HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FCKKKK yeah some of you may think "ugh so overrated" but honestly, this manga is pretty fantastic. At first I was upset with the ending but it shows how well written it is. A great tragedy and I'm looking forward to how the sequel treats me haha. I may post a very circle jerky analysis about this manga soon. 9/10

Tokyo Ghoul:Re: Interesting and sad so far but a little difficult to follow at times. I'm eagerly awaiting for explanations and being hurt even more ahaha. 8/10

Nana: Absolutely incredible. Wonderfully relatable, realistic and well-shaped characters, raw storytelling, nostalgic atmosphere. Hope it will update soon (yes I know the hiatus is due to mangaka's illness xAx if she just gave a summary of ending I wouldn't mind honestly.) I read Paradise Kiss as a result too (would rate 8/10) which is also quite good but not as great as Nana. 10/10

Berserk: :) :) :) :) gouge my heart out please. I rush read this which I now regret. Very interesting story that is very well developed. Some parts in the first half were disturbingly gratuitous in their depiction of violence and sexual violence (and yes I KNOW that that's the 'fantasy world', you don't need to tell me that) but otherwise it was incredible. One of the things I'm annoyed with is that Farnese has seemed to lose a lot of her sadism? Like... come on. That was one of the most interesting parts of her, no joke. I ship Farnese x Serpico by the way, no regrets, come at me y'all. I also ship Guts with Casca. Poor Casca baby ; w ; That trauma she suffered... at first I thought Griffith would be a cool guy then he betrays Casca/Guts/his friends/ME like that. Wow, I'm so pissed off, but it was also pretty interesting, and the message that Miura is trying to portray - actually, maybe I should write another separate post for this LOL. I rate 10/10 though. :3

Haikyuu: Did you know I'm in sports anime hell? I've also been reading Yowapeda and KNB's new series. Haikyuu made me start playing volleyball too. It's really realistic and you can't help but root for every team and backstory as they're all relatable characters. The games are also realistic - no "crazy superpowers", just talent and hard work! 10/10

Also even though Oikawa and Kise seem similar, and people keep saying they'd get along... lol come on guys, Oikawa hates geniuses and Kise picked up volleyball really easily?? (I remember in the manga he tried out literally every other sports and was immediate pro at it, which would have Oikawa in a raging fit honestly HAHAHA). Best boy is Kuroo though. Of course :D

K Countdown and K Small Lost World: So far these are really interesting. K Countdown is a direct sequel to the movie and some of it's so funny. K Small Lost World really made me sympathetic towards Fushimi. Don't worry Saruhiko... you're my son now. I'll be your father to replace that piece of shit. :') In all honesty though it explains so much about Saru and also makes it even sadder... I'm sorry for not caring much about you :'( And SaruMi friendship man that just pains me... TAT;;


Dr Du Ming: Disturbing and with a shocking plot twist. A pretty gritty one shot (one shot as in one novel) that is definitely worth a read. 7/10 Still worth it though I promise!!

Their Story: I don't read much shoujo ai (though I would like to change that, so please recommend me some :D). This is super cute and SO FUNNY though. (It's ongoing by the way) 9/10, loses 1 point for continuity issues

19 Days: Really cute and also hilarious shounen ai, it's by the same artist as Their Story. Again, 9/10 with a 1 point loss for continuity issues.

The Specific Heat Capacity of Love: A one shot by the artist of 19 Days and Their Story. Man, this had me crying. No spoilers for you. Please read! I even made an 8tracks playlist if you care ;D Rating? Absolutely 10/10, deeply melancholic and introspective, also I had goosebumps with the art.


Once Again: A sad and touching manhwa. I didn't like it that much but it's worth a read. Moral is to not take your loved ones for granted. 7/10

He Is A High School Girl: Hilarious manhwa about a delinquent who crossdresses so he can infiltrate his sister's school to protect her from being bullied. 8/10

ALSO I've been playing Touken Ranbu. Did I mention that already? OH WELL. Favourite husbands are Taroutachi, Kogitsunemaru and Ishikirimaru. I also would totally call Heshikiri Hasebe daddy (is that TMI? I'm sorry).

OH AND FINALLY! Did you know that the creator of my favourite gaming franchise Castlevania, the legendary IGA is creating a new game called Bloodstained?! The Kickstarter ended a week or two back. I'm so excited! Of course I backed it, but wow. Coming out in 2017 or something TuT;; can't wait though! I'm also pleased protagonist is a pretty cool looking girl :3 Order of Ecclesia/Shanoa are my favourites so I'm looking forward to Bloodstained! Someone hold meee

These were really quick so sorry for being really casual about it ahaha. Thanks for reading!

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