GPK review

Store name: GPK (Gourmet Pizza Kitchen)

Branch: Castle Towers

What I had:

Lemon lime bitters

Marrakesh pizza - Very delicious, the yoghurt could be more spread out, medium portion but excellent amount of topping and so very filling. When I first received it, I thought "Oh no, we won't have enough to eat…" but I was proven wrong ^_^

Roast vegetable pasta - CHOICE OF THE EVENING~ Delicious combination of char grilled vegetables and pasta, lightly peppery rich tomato sauce complements overall taste. Even the olives were good, was a delicate tart taste, and usually I don't like olives ^_^

Caesar salad - Good portion, good balance of vegetables, bacon and cheese. In my opinion could have a bit more croutons though. Otherwise great and tastes fresh :3

Overall opinion: Excellent in quality of ingredients in both freshness and taste and very good customer service! I recommend it~! 9.5/10

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