Poem: Toy

Here's a poem I wrote ^_^ Inspired by me randomly buying a Kinder Surprise today... ah, the nostalgia.

The familiar white and orange wrapping
Is slowly peeled away
And the two chocolate halves
Are pried apart
Almost exact halves
Of milk and cocoa symmetry.
They reveal
A pale orange-yellow plastic case
Which contain
The pieces of a small child's toy.

Bit by bit
Part by part
I build it
Reveling in the memories
Of my childhood.
This toy
Is so familiar
To the ones I had
But nothing like them
At all.

And now the little lion
Sits on my bedside table
Just like any other toy
That I used to have
And maybe there will be a day
When it too
Is forgotten


  1. Thank you so much for keep being a sweet follower for my blog. By the way! It is almost my first year anniversary for my blog and planning to make my own video. I am willing to answer any questions as possible from my readers. If you have any questions about me, my style, or anything. Feel free to ask! If you do have questions for me, please leave a comment and ask there, thank you so much for your time and def coming to your blog again!

    little K.

    1. It's no problem :) I'll be sure to check it out and thank you very much ^_^

  2. Oh, this poem was really good. And it's true too.. sadly. ;_; I remember also every now and then in my childhood getting a Kinder surprise egg. xD I don't really remember anymore what they tasted like.. but they were yummy. Maybe I should buy one again just for the nostalgic feeling it would bring, heh. I remember one of the toys I got from those.. it was a small rather colorful plastic boat. I had a wooden boat too which I liked.. I should still have it somewhere ahaha.

    1. Oh thank you very much! Yes there were so many feelings when I ate it xD Ahhh same here! All my Kinder surprise toys are in a box somewhere in the back of my house lol xD

    2. Mine aren't that neatly organized.. probably stuffed somewhere around all my other random childhood toys. I don't know. XD

    3. Ahaha! Have a look someday when you're free, maybe? :)